Saturday, July 4, 2009

I just got back into town yesterday after a wedding/vacation week, the first time I have left NYC in over a year. It was great and it was sorely needed and I must say I clean up pretty good for a scumbag. It was my best friend James and his long time girl friend Angela's wedding down at Dewey Beach in Delaware. It was tons of fun and a long time coming, I got to be best man and had to give a toast and everything. After the wedding it was party time going to bars, amusement parks, bars, beaches, putt-putt golf, go-cart racing and of course some drinking and did I mention we had some drinks. It is nice to be back, but it felt much better to leave. Dewey Beach on the weekends is filled with a lot of jock douchebags but what's new, on the weekdays it is a pretty awesome place. I am pretty used to it though since every weekend starting Thursday night I am surrounded by douchebags. Well, all in all a great week. And again congrats James and Angela.


  1. Nice photos. Glad you had a good time. I was on vacation on LI--had a good time too.

  2. i enjoy your blog. moar please.