Sunday, May 31, 2009

C-Squat Beer Pong and Stuff and Stuff and Fun

Just pictures that's it have fun.

This Truck is Awesome

I like this truck. Can I buy it. I want it.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Door open at St. Brigid's

Riding by St. Brigid's again and what do I see? The door is open! I got to talk to the guy in the top picture he wouldn't let me in but he said "don't worry it is not going to fall down we will save her". Wow I just surprized to see the door open. All I can say is wow!!!

Scaffold Still Down at St. Brigid's But...

The scaffolding is still down on St. Bridget's on 8th Street and Avenue B and it makes me feel young again. Back to when I first stepped foot into this neighborhood in the late 80's, so close to 20 years have gone by since looked upon this church. But is anyone scared or have noticed the crack on the side of the building on 8th street. It looks crazy and frightens me. What do you think? I hope the back of the church doesn't fall!

La Plaza Getting a Makeover

Lots of work going on in La Plaza lately they are getting a new stone footpath.  There is a huge pile of sticks and dead shrubs on Avenue C and 9th Street. Come walk by and check it out. I can't wait to see the finished product. It helps you forget that there was a huge weeping willow right on the corner last year. That is all for now.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


i just thought i would right some shit Loisaida Fair has started today with the police towing away your cars if thought it be safe from the city or some shit i don't have a car or when i did the city took my baby but whatever Loisaida Street fair is awesome and great and loud and lound and great and loud sorry did i repeat myself to bad i lost my camera and can not post any pictures so life sucks for me plus i do not believe in anything but i love my neighborhood even when it has become a haven for the rich white man/woman you know what i mean i am kind of pissed off at this shit please bring back my old new york i miss it squatters and bears and drug dealers oh my oh my 

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I Love These Guys Revisited Plus Mars Bar Antics

From one of my previous posts called "I Like These Little Guys" so I went over and got some pictures of them at Mars Bar.Who knows who puts them 
up but I now LOVE these guys even more now than ever. 
It also would no be a complete night at the Mars Bar if 
there was not any naked antics.

Here is this guy who will remain nameless getting pantless at the front of the bar. I have blocked
his balls and other nude shots so not to embarrass him any futher. But as you know this is a pretty typical night at Mars Bar.
 Also a little Shayne, Jes and Eden hanging out on Jes' last night in New York. Tomorrow she is on her way back to Ohio for a while to leave Shayne sad and alone for a while. What will Shayne's penis do? At least Jes is leaving her computer behind so there is all the porn in the world for Shayne to surf and maybe even some pictures and blogs and stories about trains. Yes trains Shayne loves those trains to him that is the best porn in the galaxy.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Aliens Invade C-Squat

Aliens invaded C-Squat the other day trying to steal our dogs and a bottle of Carlo & Rossi wine.
The invasion was thwarted when we proceeded to take out our cameras and take pictures. Since these aliens were very vain and loved having there pictures taken we were able to save the dogs 
but they stole our bottle of wine. The aliens continued on down to our basement where they drank our wine and had sloppy loud alien sex all over our ping pong table. When they were done they beamed off to try to steal more wine and I suppose dogs from other people on Earth. It will take us days to clean the you know what from our basement and the ping pong table will never be the same.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

4th Street Food Coop Benefit at 6th Street Community Center

Starting tonight around 8pm at 6th Street Community Center there was a benefit for the 4th Street Food Co-op over on 58 East 4th street by the Bowery. They had a bunch of bands playing starting the night with d60. With other bands like Matt Varvil, Adam and Stefanie(of Company), Melody Olsen and Schwervon(a White Stripes cover band). It was a 10 dollar sliding scale donation to come in and hang with the party. It was for the 4th street Food Coop and if you became a member tonight you got a 5 dollar discount. There was also a raffle, free vegan food and 3 dollar wine. The 4th street food coop has been around since the 1970's. The raffle was giving away such stuff as Curly's Veg. Lunch(50 dollar gift card), 2 tickets to La Mama Theater, dinner for 2 at the Brooklyn Kitchen, a yoga session, dog walking session and as Judith said"a shit load of coffee".  Well all went well and everything is good as can be, and yes that is my finger in the picture 3rd from the top. Also yes that is Mike Dreg drinking wine and also Hassan drinking as well. They did pay to get in and promised to become members of the food coop. If not we would put them to death. I did only go to see D60 but stayed to see the rest and all in all I had a good time. But of course I went back to C-Squat to play ping-pong for hours, good morning and good night. And all my love from me, the Biggest Pants.