Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mars Bar gets a White Job

The owner of Mars Bar, Hank decided to paint the inside of the bar white to make it look cleaner or something. But all in all it just looks crazy, kind of like a dirty art show or something. It does make the little bar look a lot bigger and brighter which I believe is not a good thing. Do you really want to see the person next to you that well? They also did the most awesome job painting if you move any of the art on the walls they did not paint behind them. Well you know painting is just as difficult as rocket science or brain surgery. But at least they haven't painted both the bathrooms yet. What a white job!


  1. Wow, it does seems bigger... and brighter. And I agree that it's not necessarily a good thing!

  2. What?! Why would you want to go to a Marz bar that has clean white and tiredly boring walls??!

  3. I think that is his point, meybe he is trying to clean out the regulars.. Which means more money for the owner with new customers. Ya gotta live!