Monday, June 8, 2009

Ray's Benefit went well

We had the benefit for Ray's Candy Store on Sunday night and all went well. I just want thank everyone for helping out. Thanks Hilda, Eden, John Dolan, D-60, Fly, the Derelicts, Casa de Chihuahua, Ezra, Stza, Mike, Shayne, C-Squat, Amy, Popeye, Vera, those crusty kids from the park and anyone/everyone i forgot for helping out Ray. For now Ray's Candy Shop is still around he still need a bit more help and I will be there soon to help clean up and get some more stuff done. Also thank you everyone for showing up. We will try to throw another benefit for Ray later on in the summer if possible. Anyway thanks again and of course we all love Ray and hope he is around for years to come.

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