Thursday, April 30, 2009

6th Street Squat Comes Back to Life Rising from the Ashes of a Fire.

Riding my bike by 6th Street Squat yesterday I got to take a short walk though to see the progress they are having after a horrible fire they had in the spring of 2006. But as you can see today the scaffolding is coming down finally. After around 3 long years of work the building is almost done. It looks great inside and out but it still has that old Lower East Side squatter feel inside even though it is mostly brand new. The building I thought would never come back has risen from the dead and 6th street lives. Just wanted everyone around to know one of the original squats on the Lower East Side is back. It looks like real soon the old occupants of this building will be moving back in. On my walk though they're custom made doors built and welded by a member of the building, and they're brand new real tile hallways. Also brand spanking new metal steps, steps above their old wood ones. It is just fucking great. Congrats to 6th Street squat.
Your friendly neighborhood C-Squatter

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