Monday, April 20, 2009

The Slumgoddess Is Watching You

This is a warning to everyone out there. The Slumgoddess is watching you and you don't even know it but you might be next on her list. You are not safe she is hiding in the cracks and cravases. She is behind that tree or bush or she might be sitting right next to you. She can get into your house and take your picture. She got the keys we don't know how but when you least expect it she there and then your picture and story is on the internet. Just trying to get a coffee or hot dog at Ray's Candy Store she's there, sitting having a beer at C-Squat she's there, relaxing in Tompkins she's there, sitting on the toilet she's there. You can't escape there is know escape because she is right behind you. Boo! 


  1. Haw!!! My hallway is big enough to watch EVERYBODY bitches!!!

  2. i caught her on the toilet in TSP the other day....too bad the picture came out all hallway-y.

  3. I was only trying to take photos of my cute li'l feces...