Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Leap Frog Lady

So I was coming out C Squat to walk my dog this afternoon and I saw this homeless lady. It was crazy she has more stuff on the street then I have in my whole apartment put together. I was able to walk around the block and she had not even made it all the way down one block from 9th street to 10th street with the amount of stuff she had. I did not talk to her or anything because she seemed to have a lot of things to do with moving everything she owns like a leap frog. I don't know how she does it takes her all day just to go 5 or so blocks. I am assuming but it is lots of shit. That is the Leap Frog Lady. If you see her around check her out.


  1. I really resent you making fun of my daughter this way. Sure, I kicked her out of the house with ALL of her belongings last week..but she fucking deserved it! She just wouldn't hand me the clicker! I wanted to watch Little House on the Prairie(it was the episode where Albert is addicted to morphine), but she insisted on putting on reruns of Barney Miller. So, really, can you blame me? Think about it.

  2. I don't know I was watching Quincy or was it T.J. Hooker? I always mix those guys up. Fuck!
    Macgyver, Quantum Leap urgghh or The A-Team. Shit Perfect Strangers?