Thursday, April 30, 2009

C-Squat gets a new Paint Job

C-Squat looks great because of John Dolan and Vera. They gave the old squat on avenue C a great new paint job of black, burgundy and gold trim. Wow it looks great, now they we just need to get someone to rent out the storefront and it will be complete. Yeah!

6th Street Squat Comes Back to Life Rising from the Ashes of a Fire.

Riding my bike by 6th Street Squat yesterday I got to take a short walk though to see the progress they are having after a horrible fire they had in the spring of 2006. But as you can see today the scaffolding is coming down finally. After around 3 long years of work the building is almost done. It looks great inside and out but it still has that old Lower East Side squatter feel inside even though it is mostly brand new. The building I thought would never come back has risen from the dead and 6th street lives. Just wanted everyone around to know one of the original squats on the Lower East Side is back. It looks like real soon the old occupants of this building will be moving back in. On my walk though they're custom made doors built and welded by a member of the building, and they're brand new real tile hallways. Also brand spanking new metal steps, steps above their old wood ones. It is just fucking great. Congrats to 6th Street squat.
Your friendly neighborhood C-Squatter

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Leap Frog Lady

So I was coming out C Squat to walk my dog this afternoon and I saw this homeless lady. It was crazy she has more stuff on the street then I have in my whole apartment put together. I was able to walk around the block and she had not even made it all the way down one block from 9th street to 10th street with the amount of stuff she had. I did not talk to her or anything because she seemed to have a lot of things to do with moving everything she owns like a leap frog. I don't know how she does it takes her all day just to go 5 or so blocks. I am assuming but it is lots of shit. That is the Leap Frog Lady. If you see her around check her out.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Well I woke up this morning to take the dog for a walk and this is the first thing I saw and it gave me a good laugh so I thought I would share it. Good Morning.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


This was lots of fun at C Squat, a joint compound fight in Johnny Coast's room. Beer plus joint compound plus beer. It was all great until I beat Zach with a baseball bat I guess that's what I have been told at least. Whatever that's whatcha get for hanging out with Brett. It rhymes so it's fines bitches. Good times old friends joint compound and a baseball bat fuck yeah that's fun.

Well yet another late night at the east river. Just thought I would post some awesome pictures I took late night riding my bike around. Besides interrupting someones good times it is always nice out here around 4:45am in the morn.

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Slumgoddess Is Watching You

This is a warning to everyone out there. The Slumgoddess is watching you and you don't even know it but you might be next on her list. You are not safe she is hiding in the cracks and cravases. She is behind that tree or bush or she might be sitting right next to you. She can get into your house and take your picture. She got the keys we don't know how but when you least expect it she there and then your picture and story is on the internet. Just trying to get a coffee or hot dog at Ray's Candy Store she's there, sitting having a beer at C-Squat she's there, relaxing in Tompkins she's there, sitting on the toilet she's there. You can't escape there is know escape because she is right behind you. Boo! 

Monday, April 13, 2009


So I know this guy and what I got to say is he a Round Tetris Piece. He doesn't fit anywhere not even with other round tetris pieces he just sucks. You know what I mean you always don't fit with you friends but you have chance to and get along and stuff. But he doesn't fit anywhere or with anyone he just sucks I wish he would just go away. Well that's it to all you out there and all you regular tetris pieces. Fuck the round tetris piece. Go away we hate you.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

This is Shayne's list just one of many.

This goes out all my followers

Hey you Jews sorry I mean Jew yes you and only you. Hi Eden I love you See Squat loves you even know you are a Jew and there is nothing you can do about it. Does that mean we are related or something. See you soon, give John a hug or some matzo for me. Happy Passover bitch

Okay from right to left Jay he is from Canada he is okay I guess, Johnny Coast and me on the right we are having some at the east river. But whatever alright. This story is about Johnny Coast it is really short okay so hold on. He builds bikes rides bikes fucks bike and does lots of stuff with bikes. Use you imagination he does that shit with bikes and even more he's crazy but I love this guy Johnny Coast this is for you. yeah

I Love Bon Jovi

I wish Bon Jovi was jewish. I don't know is he jewish. If he is i am fucked.
Whatever that is besides the point. Tonight I went to see The East River String Band play over at Banjo Jim's. It was awesome, they server PBR so if you got some put it in your pocket and go because they well never know. And give the guy with the bucket money for the bands they are broke. Just look at the world bitch. you got five dollars you don't need. Ha ha ha I drink Miller High Life in the tall can. Good times yeah!

hey guys this just me and my friends
I am See Squat and will all ways be
this is my stuff
everyday or never or all the time
come look
King of See squat says hi