Thursday, May 7, 2009

Jimmy and Shayne Play Crash Down

Just watching Jimmy and Shayne playing video games on a non 70's console but a laptop freaks me out. Shayne a collector of 8-Tracks and all kind of out of date shit and Jimmy a collector of I could not even venture a guess but if I would it is a little bit of everything. Watching them play video games just gives me a weird feeling like something has gone wrong with the world. Over here a C-Squat you get used to the ordinary but this to me is Extraordinary. Ordinary to me here might be the extraordinary to most. To give some back round on Jimmy he used to live at 5th Street Squat back in the day he owned lots of dogs and lots of stuff. He pretty much occupied the top two floors and filled them with "jimmy" stuff. For me to explain what he owned would take days. He also build geodesic domes on the roof. He had cameras and microphones on the outside to hear and see if people were trying to get in. He is awesome. He likes King Cobra and even more his Steel Reserve 211 beer. He built towers 20 cans high in the backyard glued together with crazy glue.

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