Wednesday, May 13, 2009

C-Squat Ping Pong Tournament

                                                   Shayne and Jes
                                                          Super B
                                             Umpire Mike

We finally got our basement cleaned up and set up the ping pong table and startef playing. Not many rules and not 
much score keeping, but all in all lots of fun. We put some joint compound stripes on Mr. Cashman's roomate Mike and
let the games begin. Even Jerrold "Hassan" Heiserman got into playing with way more skill then you thought he would
have, but you kind of thought he would be good. I think someone like Ghandi taught him. It was the most movement I
have seen out of the old man in a long time. Hassan who is 68 going on 69 going on 18. We will be throwing him a
birthday party this summer in which he said "I want it to be the sickest party ever" in Hassan's voice those who know
him know what I mean. Shayne and Jes were there to but we couldn't get them to play. Shayne 
was to busy and having fun endlessly leveling the table. Beer and ping pong are fun.


  1. long as it isn't Beer Pong!

  2. Hassan still gots it in im!
    Who wouldnt have fun endlessly leveling a ping pong table,,,,anyone who wouldnt is pretty square in my book!