Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I Love These Guys Revisited Plus Mars Bar Antics

From one of my previous posts called "I Like These Little Guys" so I went over and got some pictures of them at Mars Bar.Who knows who puts them 
up but I now LOVE these guys even more now than ever. 
It also would no be a complete night at the Mars Bar if 
there was not any naked antics.

Here is this guy who will remain nameless getting pantless at the front of the bar. I have blocked
his balls and other nude shots so not to embarrass him any futher. But as you know this is a pretty typical night at Mars Bar.
 Also a little Shayne, Jes and Eden hanging out on Jes' last night in New York. Tomorrow she is on her way back to Ohio for a while to leave Shayne sad and alone for a while. What will Shayne's penis do? At least Jes is leaving her computer behind so there is all the porn in the world for Shayne to surf and maybe even some pictures and blogs and stories about trains. Yes trains Shayne loves those trains to him that is the best porn in the galaxy.

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  1. i heard mars bar is getting a white job what the fu