Saturday, May 9, 2009

I found this when i woke up

If you think this is hard to read I will repeat.

Dear C-Squat,

After being stranded in New York
from our Ancestral Homeland
of New Jersey, And with Nowhere
ELDE To Go, We Thought We Would
Say Hi, And were Discourarged
To Find the Door locked.
We Now Have no place to sleep"
Hope to Catch you guys Around

        Professor PLUM & G-Money



9:00am - wake up

3:00pm -  school ends

5:30pm - leave to go are Defiance, Ohio edlsa

10pm - 40's drank

11pm - Defiance, Ohio  starts

12am - Decide to stay for 15 more minutes
                                                      (FATAL ERROR)

12:15am - FuuuuuuuucK

12:45am - last bus home (missed)

2am - leave dlsa. no rides or couches recieved.

4am - endlessly   walked nyc

5am -  found c-squat

5:01am - cried    ,    furicously,   
                                                           to a locked door 

Sorry to repeat but I found this, this morning.
Just thought you would get a kick out of it.

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