Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Scaffold Still Down at St. Brigid's But...

The scaffolding is still down on St. Bridget's on 8th Street and Avenue B and it makes me feel young again. Back to when I first stepped foot into this neighborhood in the late 80's, so close to 20 years have gone by since looked upon this church. But is anyone scared or have noticed the crack on the side of the building on 8th street. It looks crazy and frightens me. What do you think? I hope the back of the church doesn't fall!


  1. That crack has been there for a long time.
    What about the big hole they put in the back to get the pews out.
    That's a funny word...pews. sounds dirty.

  2. I know that crack has been there but it just looks scary. The hole was to get the stained glass windows out too, I think.