Monday, May 4, 2009

Rained Out Show in Tompkins Square Park Ends Up in C-Squat

NYC's 2nd annual Bike Noise(Bike Noise II) was supposed to be held in Tompkins Square yesterday May 3rd but was rained out. Moved from the park to C-Squat featuring bands like Public Serpents, Wombat in Combat, Mischief "O" Brew, Ja Moustache Eddies, Social Standards and Team Spider. The bands played from about 6 to 9pm and the party raged out for hours longer. Moving its way up into a couple upstairs apartments and still going on in the basement with some street kids aka crusties also looking for a place to sneak under to crash for the night. Hiding under the stage of all places and using their dogs as pillow. Up in Bill Cashman's room the beer drinking ended up leading to a impromptu game of spin the bottle. Everyone acting like junior high school and elementary school kids maybe remembering back to those sweet days of old. As you can see Mr. Bill Cashman was pretty busy getting a little from everyone. Thanks to Public Serpents I got some pictures of them playing.

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