Saturday, May 16, 2009

4th Street Food Coop Benefit at 6th Street Community Center

Starting tonight around 8pm at 6th Street Community Center there was a benefit for the 4th Street Food Co-op over on 58 East 4th street by the Bowery. They had a bunch of bands playing starting the night with d60. With other bands like Matt Varvil, Adam and Stefanie(of Company), Melody Olsen and Schwervon(a White Stripes cover band). It was a 10 dollar sliding scale donation to come in and hang with the party. It was for the 4th street Food Coop and if you became a member tonight you got a 5 dollar discount. There was also a raffle, free vegan food and 3 dollar wine. The 4th street food coop has been around since the 1970's. The raffle was giving away such stuff as Curly's Veg. Lunch(50 dollar gift card), 2 tickets to La Mama Theater, dinner for 2 at the Brooklyn Kitchen, a yoga session, dog walking session and as Judith said"a shit load of coffee".  Well all went well and everything is good as can be, and yes that is my finger in the picture 3rd from the top. Also yes that is Mike Dreg drinking wine and also Hassan drinking as well. They did pay to get in and promised to become members of the food coop. If not we would put them to death. I did only go to see D60 but stayed to see the rest and all in all I had a good time. But of course I went back to C-Squat to play ping-pong for hours, good morning and good night. And all my love from me, the Biggest Pants.

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